Streamlining Epoxy Putty Packaging with Advanced Flow Wrapping Technology


In December 2022, Record Packaging faced an urgent request from a new client who had purchased a second-hand Panda 1000 flow wrapper from a UK-based machinery reseller. This equipment was critical for packaging their epoxy putty, a popular item among model makers and plumbers, especially during the bustling Christmas season and colder months.

Epoxy Putty Packaging

The Challenge

Upon installation, the client encountered significant issues with the flow wrapper. The machine failed to operate correctly, and the installation engineer from the reselling company left the site without resolving the issue, promising future assistance that never materialised. With the peak season approaching and no response from the seller, the client turned to Record Packaging for a solution.

Initial Assessment

Our team, responding within 24 hours, quickly identified several concerns from the videos sent by the client. The old mechanical Panda 1000, equipped with a lug infeed, was inappropriate for epoxy putty, as it risked friction and sticking issues. Moreover, the makeshift adjustable folding box without side guides was ineffective for proper wrapping.

The Wrong Solution

The Wrong Solution on Vimeo.

On-Site Evaluation and Temporary Measures

Upon our engineer’s prompt visit, it was clear that the client had been equipped with the wrong machine for their specific needs. Despite our efforts to modify the folding box for improved performance, production was hindered, requiring frequent resets every 15 minutes.  (If you require a flow wrap expert to help idenitfy your issues please CLICK HERE)

Record Packaging’s Tailored Solution

Understanding the unique requirements of epoxy putty packaging, we recommended our Inverted Flow Wrapper with a flat belt infeed. This solution, demonstrated through our past successful applications, convinced the client. The machine is suitable for difficult to wrap product or sticky products as it transfers the product along a flat belt through the top seal rollers and into the jaw area. We coupled this offer with a generous trade-in value for their Panda 1000 and commenced developing a customised solution.

(Record Falcon Inverted Flow Wrap Brochure)

Outcome and Future Prospects

After three months of diligent work, we provided the client with the Inverted Flow Wrapper, tailored to their specific needs. The package included two days of installation and training, ensuring smooth operation and efficiency. This case highlights Record Packaging’s commitment to customer satisfaction and our ability to deliver bespoke solutions even in challenging situations.


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