Record Scorpion Flow Wrap

The Bottom Seal Scorpion flow wrapper, quintessentially Italian, delivers up to 240 packs per minute with renowned reliability. Crafted for small and medium-sized products, its streamlined design ensures easy operation and maintenance. The machine’s robustness promises consistent high-speed packaging performance.

Record UK & Ireland commits to comprehensive aftercare, supplying authentic spare parts with swift dispatch for all Record Flow Wrappers. Our dedicated maintenance team ensures all models Scorpion wrapper operates at peak efficiency, offering regular service and expert support tailored to your needs.


History of the Record Record Scorpion BS Flow Wrap

 Peno Fiorvante CEO of Record Packaging Machinery and Managing Director of Record UK, Edward Murphy, developed the Record Scorpion horizontal flow wrap in 1995. Record Packaging first sold its first Scorpion flow wrap in 1996 . Bakery products were this machines specialty. The machine had several features which made it a runaway success in the UK & Irish markets. In these markets bakeries tended to have a wide array of products in production at the time. Factories were labour intensive and didn’t have streamlines single product focused seen in many large bakeries today. Record Packaging Ireland & UK still provide full spares and servicing for this range of machinery. 

First Servo-Driven Record Scorpion Flow Wrapper 2004

Record Scorpion Flow Wrap 2005


The  Record scorpion flow wrapper revolutionised this process. It automated the packaging so that products could be packaged up to 240 times per minute. It introduced sealing jaws of 350mm wide to cater for products of various shapes and sizes making it highly dynamic. With its extra long film reel holder and film centring, the film could be easily changed over.  The machine can change over products quickly.  From small biscuits to large cakes, the scorpion flow wrapper packaged with precision as well as accuracy on a wide range of bakery products making it heavily sought after amongst bakeries across the U.K and Ireland.


Record Packaging UK & Ireland Launch wide bed Scorpion with Upgraded Features 2010

In 2010, Record UK and Ireland achieved a significant milestone in the packaging industry with the launch of the Scorpion flow wrapping machine Bottom Seal version. Completely manufactured in Italy, this machine was introduced as a testament to the renowned Italian craftsmanship, incorporating reliability and high-quality material that have long been associated with Record’s machinery.

Upon its release, the Scorpion series was immediately recognized for its simplistic yet functional design, aimed at providing an easy and maintenance-friendly operation. The philosophy behind the machine’s conception was to blend essential simplicity with efficiency, thereby streamlining the packaging process for small to medium-sized products.

The Scorpion flow wrapping machine, in its 2010 incarnation, could readily handle a wide range of products, simplifying the tasks for operators who found it easy to carry or push items through the system. The machine’s capability to reach speeds of up to 240 packs per minute was a standout feature, demonstrating Record UK and Ireland’s commitment to combining swift performance with the reliability expected of their equipment.

Moreover, the machine’s construction was designed to ensure longevity and consistent performance, with a strong emphasis placed on the ease of maintenance. It wasn’t merely about achieving high speeds but maintaining them with minimal downtime. The launch of such a robust and user-friendly machine by Record UK and Ireland in 2010 set a new precedent in the packaging sector, reinforcing the company’s position as an innovator in the field.


Replacing Your Record Scoprion with a Record Superb

Record Packaging’s success has thrived with the innovation of our new rotary motion flow wrap machine. The latest flow wrap machine in our arsenal towers above all else in superiority, the Record Superb. A cutting-edge packaging machine that sets new standards in speed, versatility, and precision. With a production speed of up to 200ppm and reel dimensions of 620 / 720 mm, this powerhouse ensures seamless performance. Its adjustable folding box design accommodates both wide and small products. The special cut-out single-piece jaw design allows for easy maintenance and handling of products up to 175mm.  Equipped with a user-friendly screen and a multidrive system with 4 independent servo motors, the Record Superb guarantees precision control on each axis. With its ‘’No Product – No Bag Function’’ and easy changeover between film rolls, this machine is an unbeatable solution for efficient and also hygienic packaging

Record Superb Flow Wrap Machine

Record Scoprion Spare Parts & Servicing



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