Installation of Record Superb Machine Flow Wrapper for Bakery

One of our Bakery clients sought to enhance their packaging capabilities by acquiring the Record Superb horizontal flow wrapping machine. This case study delves into the installation of the Record Superb machine to cater to a variety of products, including buns stacked 2×2, cake slices, flapjacks, and a range of pies, with diverse dimensions ranging from 20mm to 150mm in height and 50mm to 200mm in width.

cake slices flow wrapped Corner
Flow packaging machine Record Superb Corner

Installation of Record Superb Machine

The Record Superb machine,  an automatic horizontal flow pack system, was seamlessly integrated into our bakery client’s production line. This machine is an automatic horizontal flow pack system. It is designed for continuous operation, efficiently packaged bakery products by forming them into a tube of film, sealing them, and creating individual pillow packs.  The machine needed to handle various products like buns, cake slices, flapjacks, and pies with different sizes. It operated on average at a mechanical speed of 90 strokes per minute, due to the high density PE wrapping material and varying product dimensions. This greatly improved our clients production as they were previously using a lower budget chamber machine to manually package individual products. The products needed to be in good condition for packaging, including being cool and not sticky. The machine’s features included a stainless steel frame, quick replaceable parts, and a drive system with brushless motors for efficiency. It can work with different wrapping materials and adjust to various product sizes. The installation included extras like infeed extension, date coder provision, and photocell for print registration.

Product Diversity and Machine Adaptability

Our bakery client required a packaging solution that could accommodate a range of product sizes and types. The Record Superb machine proved its versatility by handling buns stacked 2×2, cake slices, flapjacks and a range of pies with varying dimensions. From small buns at 20mm in height to larger cake slices at 150mm, and widths ranging from 50mm to 200mm, the machine effectively adjusted to meet the bakery’s diverse packaging needs.

Buns flow wrapped Corner
Record Superb Flow Wrapping Machine Corner

Key Features of the Record Superb Machine

  • Product Conditions: The machine ensured products arrived in optimal conditions, maintaining shape, coolness, and fragility levels suitable for packaging without breakages.
  • Working Environment: Consideration of ambient conditions such as altitude, temperature, and humidity to ensured optimal machine performance.
  • Main Features: Stainless steel construction, quick replaceable components, and safety devices for efficient and safe operation.
  • Drive System: Utilization of brushless motors for precise control and increased efficiency.
  • Machine Structure: Designed for product flow from left to right, adjustable feet for height conformity, and stainless steel construction for durability.
  • Additional Features: Inclusion of extras like infeed extension, date coder provision, and photocell for print registration to enhance functionality.

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