A Close-Up on Engineering Visit for a Long Dwell Machine Record Panda Top Seal.

In the dynamic world of packaging machinery, precision and reliability are paramount. This is especially true when catering to the demanding needs of the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Recently, we sent an experienced engineer to conduct a bi-yearly service on Micronclean’s Long Dwell Machine, a crucial asset in their garment packaging operations for research labs.

Our Client.

Our client  specializes in packing garments for research labs. Their commitment to quality and adherence to stringent industry standards have positioned them as a trusted partner for high-profile multinational pharmaceutical clients. Recognising the importance of maintaining seamless operations, they reached out to Record Packaging Systems for our expertise.

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Unveiling the Workhorse: Record Panda Top Seal Long Dwell Machine.

The focal point of the engineering visit was our clients Long Dwell Machine, a robust piece of technology that has been operating continuously for an impressive five years. Despite its non-stop usage, the machine has proven to be a reliable workhorse, never skipping a beat in its performance.

Long Dwell Specialized Sealing Capabilities: The Key to Success.

In this case, operations demand hermetic seals on garments to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. To address this need, the Long Dwell Machine from Record Packaging Systems boasts specialised sealing capabilities. This feature ensures the creation of airtight seals, critical for maintaining the integrity of the garments during storage and transportation.


long dwell jaws Corner
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Routine Maintenance: The Key to Consistency.

Our client expressed unparalleled satisfaction with the Long Dwell Machine. Operating 24/7 without interruption, the machine has become an indispensable part of their daily operations. The efficiency and precision it brings to the garment packaging process contributes significantly to the ability to meet the high standards set by their pharmaceutical clientele.

The engineering visit, a part of our clients regular bi-yearly service intervals, highlights the commitment both companies have to the longevity and reliability of the machinery. Regular maintenance not only ensures the continued flawless operation of the Long Dwell Machine but also serves as a crucial requirement for audits by high-profile pharmaceutical clients.


Meeting the Standards.

The importance of maintaining the machine goes beyond operational efficiency. With a large pharmaceutical client, Micronclean understands the need to uphold rigorous standards.  Documentation of maintenance activities provide Micronclean with the evidence required during audits.  Their operations meet and exceed the expectations of their high-profile clients.


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