Pratika MX1

Pratika 56 MPE X1

Automatic Packaging Machine - Reversible product entry, 60 packs a minute

Pratika X2

Pratika 56 MPE X2

Automatic Packing Machine - Easy User Interface, 1 Year Warranty, 60 ppm

Pratika MPS 56T

Pratika 56 T-MPS

Minipack Automatic Continuous sealing machine. Ideal for long products.

MPT 80

Pratika 80 T-MPS

Continous Side Sealing Machine. Ideal for large, long products.

Pratika MPE Reverse

Pratika Reverse Inox

Stainless Steel body, Perfect for the pharmaceutical industry, L-Sealing System.

Plexi 60

Plexi 60

Designed for the magazine and print industry, Can make up to 60 packs a minute, Extremely cost effective.