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The Jaguar is available in the Bottom Seal & Top Seal model, is the most complete flow wrapper in our range. Available with 180 and 150 centrax with a cutaway jaw optional transfer options. Its in house designed software has optimised the machine for operator usability.

Jaguar is the top of Record’s flow wrapper range, designed to be integrated into high speed automatic lines. It is a flow wrapper for high performance, joining speed and efficiency, which is ideal to be integrated into automatic production lines. 

Jaguar is suitable to fit market requirements for high level of productivity with a huge variety small and medium sizes, food and non-food reaching an extraordinary speed of up to 1000 packs per minute.

One of Jaguar credits is its ability to keep product quality constant over time, ensuring continuity of production.

This flow pack machine has been designed with extreme care, different types of automatic feeding systems and accessories that make future modifications and adaptations for other productions possible.

The Bottom Seal version, ideal for packaging with longitudinal sealing on the bottom part of the package is suitable for easy to transport products.

 This machine can be equipped with all the necessary ancillary devices to meet the high demanding level of customisation and performances, including high speed MAP.

The MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) version is recommended when is required packaging in a protective atmosphere. Elimination or drastic reduction of the oxygen present in food packages considerably extends products shelf life.

  • High Performances for High Speed
  • Up to 1000 Packs per Minute
  • Small and medium size products
  • Suitable for regular products
  • Modified Atmosphere
  • Max 130 Packs per Minute
  • Ideal For Small To Medium Products
  • Versatile With Irregular Product
  • 180 or 150 Centrax 
  • Parker or Schneider Electronics
  • Up to 5 meter infeed extension
  • Mild Steel Lugs, Stainless Lugs or Plastic Lugs
  • Barrett Rollers
  • Belt infeed/ Push infeed
  • 5 Years Preventive Maintenance