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Discover high-quality packaging solutions at Record Packaging Systems. Explore our wide range of refurbished and in-stock packaging machines, ready for immediate dispatch. We pride ourselves on our meticulous vetting process. Each machine is perfectly set up to handle your product before it leaves our facility.

Vertical Bagging Machine Vegatronic 500


The Vegatronic 500 is a high-quality entry-level automatic intermittent vertical bagger. It is perfect for various applications, including confectionery, snacks, nuts, grains, coffee, tea, and more. This Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) packaging machine is designed to produce high-quality and innovative pack styles. The machine offers packaging speeds of up to 120 products per minute.

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Carrera 1000 PC

The Ilapak Carrera 1000 PC is an electronically controlled flow packing machine designed for middle range and multipurpose applications. Utilizing servomotors and a PLC control platform, the Carrera 1000 offers a wide range of customized configurations and facilitates fast and easy size change operations. Its cantilever design and stainless steel configuration make it well-suited for harsh environments. This horizontal rotary...

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Carrera 100 pc flow packing machine
Record Superb

Record Superb Rotary Motion

The 'Record Superb' a high speed  horizontal flow wrapping machine is designed for the cake and bakery industry.  It offers flexible packaging for varied product sizes. It features a patented infeed gear, adjustable folding box (up to 230mm wide, 150mm high), and an 11-inch HMI storing 100 programs. The cantilever frame ensures easy access for quick changeovers.

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Multiweigher Newtec 4015B2

The Newtec Weighing Machine, model 4015B2, is a high-precision combination weigher specifically designed for solid fruits and vegetables. It boasts a weighing accuracy of less than 0.2% deviation and is ideal for handling smaller portions of produce such as potatoes, carrots, onions, and citrus fruits. With 15 channels for rapid weighing, the machine is recognized for its precise and gentle...

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multi product weigher
PFM Pearl Flow Wrapper

PFM Pearl Flow Wrapping Machine

Discover the epitome of packaging efficiency with this state-of-the-art horizontal flow wrapper, meticulously engineered for seamless operation. Boasting an ergonomic design, the Human Machine Interface (HMI) and start/stop buttons are strategically positioned for effortless accessibility.  Remarkable speeds of up to 160 cycles per minute. Accommodates a diverse range of products in both food and non-food sectors. Direct connections between drive...

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Record Sparrow – Rotary Motion Flow Wrapper

Tiny Flow Wrapper

Incorporating a cantilever steel design for enhanced usability, accessibility, and hygiene, our product ensures optimal performance. Its self-centring reel system facilitates swift film positioning, while the roller unit allows for easy inspection and maintenance. Equipped with a photocell and electronic clutch safety mechanism, this product guarantees safety and efficiency.

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Record Sparrow Flow wrapper
Sprinter Cartoner

Record Spartan Cartoner

Operating at 40 ppm, the Sprinter Cartoner combines efficiency, stainless steel durability, and precision automation for high-demand industries. It streamlines the process, from carton retrieval to closure, ensuring reliability and convenience in packaging.

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Refurbished Flow Wrap Record Panda MD

Record Panda 2004 MD with siemens servo control. This machine runs on 3 driven motors. It comes with a barrette for the transfer of small products. The machine is a cantilever stainless steel design with food grade plastic guarding to cover non food contact areas. This Record Panda flow wrapper has been fully refurbished by our team of in house...

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Record Scorpion flow wrap hs

Scorpion E HS

The Record Scorpion Flow Wrap HS machine is a highly dynamic packaging machine. It has PLC control via human machine interface (HMI) making it simple to operate. 30 product dimensions can be programmed onto the machine, making product changeover quick and easy. The Scorpion flow wrap machines have been a staple of the baking industry across the U.K and Ireland...

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MiniFlow 600

Miniflow 600 EVO, minipack-torre's innovative flow wrap machine, enhances packaging processes with its high performance, versatility, and advanced tech. Designed for easy maintenance and cleaning, it uses 3 brushless motors and a 7" touchscreen for simple format changes. It packages up to 120 products per minute and comes with a fixed adjsutable box.

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flow wrap packaging

Record Jaguar MD LS

The Jaguar MD LS, a cutting-edge flow wrap packaging machine, incorporates authentic Siemens electronics, guaranteeing a dependable control system. Its MD design, equipped with a dual reel system, ensures seamless and continuous packaging operations. Accommodating diverse product sizes with a 3.5-meter infeed, it includes new safety guards, and is MAP/Gas flush ready.  

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High Speed Box Motion Flow Wrapper – FP210

Introducing the High Speed Box Motion Flow Wrapper FP 210. This machine is capable of modified atmosphere packaging. This state-of-the-art device achieves airtight seals on packages through its innovative box motion sealing system. The machines has advanced outfeed pack control, an extensible outfeed conveyor, and a stainless steel varsion. The stainless steel version is used for fresh produce making it...

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High Speed Box Motion Flow Wrapper
Scorpion Flow Wrapper

Refurbished Scorpion E

The Scorpion E Flow Wrapper is a versatile and efficient machine designed for packaging a wide range of products with precision and speed.  This flow wrapper ensures precise product positioning within the packaging material, resulting in neat and uniform packages. It offers reliable control over the wrapping process, minimizing errors and optimizing packaging quality. This flow wrapper is exceptional for...

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Refurbished Panda 1000

This Panda 1000 is a mechanical flow wrapper with an electronic upgrade. It has a double jaw with a jaw width of 170mm. It has recently been upgraded with full set of new electronics that ensure efficent performance. The machine has fully stainless steel guarding for enhanced durability and safety. All food contact areas are fully stainless steel and washdownable....

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Nitrogen Cooling Tunnel

Refurbished Nitrogen Cooling Tunnel

Introducing our nitrogen cooling tunnel – your ticket to efficient product cooling! Expertly refurbished to the highest standards, it's a nitrogen cooler designed to elevate your packaging game. With a specialized gas compressor, this tunnel delivers top-notch cooling performance. Utilizing cryogenic technology, this conveyor system introduces nitrogen as a cooling agent to optimize temperature control during the packaging process. It...

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Check weigher / Metal Detector Combo System

Discover precision with our stainless steel Check Weigher and Metal Detector System. Store 500 product settings, ensure mean weight correction, and comply with R51 standards for 1g accuracy. Tailor aperture sizes from 75mm to 250mm in height and 150mm to 350mm in width. Quality control perfected for assurance in the food industry

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metal detector weigher

Adjustable Folding Box

An adjustable folding box integrated into flow wrapping machines serves as an exceptionally versatile packaging solution, offering the capability for dynamic adjustments to seamlessly accommodate an extensive array of product sizes and dimensions. The foremost benefit of this innovation lies in its inherent adaptability, providing businesses with a multitude of advantages. Versatility in Packaging Sizes The innovative adjustable folding box...

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Quality Assured Packaging Machinery Available Today

At Record Packaging Machinery, we specialise in providing top-tier packaging solutions to meet the diverse needs of many industries. We understand the importance of reliable and efficient packaging machinery for your operations, which is why we offer a wide selection of refurbished and in-stock packaging machines, ready for immediate dispatch.

At Record, we do more than just sell machines; we ensure they’re the perfect fit for your product. Our expert team meticulously vets each machine before it leaves our facility, adjusting the settings to ensure it is perfectly set up for your specific product needs.

When it comes to packaging machinery, trust the experts at Record Packaging Systems. We’re committed to delivering machines that offer exceptional performance, longevity, and value for money, all backed by comprehensive warranty coverage and our dedicated customer service team.

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