Compact VFFS form fill seal machine

Compact VFFS

This form fill seal machine is Record's most compact available. Drawing from two decades of experience in the vertical packaging industry, this entry level model is small but sturdy. It is available in both painted and stainless steel. The machine caters to small and medium-sized companies with production capacities of up to 25/30 bags per minute. It can create both...

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High Speed VFFS RP Anniversary

Record Packaging's  high-speed VFFS (vertical form fill seal) machine embodies the principles of strength and reliability, surpassing its predecessors and industry competitors. With its sleek design featuring smooth lines, the machine ensures dependability even when operating at high speeds. The latest version, the ANNIVERSARY HS, showcases increased power and speed, thanks to the incorporation of Brushless motors. Safety and hygiene...

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Record-Vertical-Flow-Wrapper-High-Speed VFFS

GSP-45 S Rotary Flow Wrap

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Record Zebra Box Motion

Record Zebra Flow Wrapper The Record Inverted Box Motion Machine is ideal for medium to large products. Box Motion technology is a cross-sealing method used in flow wrapping machines to create airtight packages. This machine has top seal and bottom seal versions. This style of flow wrapper is heavily used in packing long life pitta and flatbread. What is an...

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inverted box motion packaging machine
Record Falcon

Record Falcon-Inverted Rotary Motion

We developed the RPI (Records standard rotary jaw inverted)  inverted horizontal flow wrapper to address the packaging challenges of difficult-to-package products. Inverted flow wrappers, featuring a sealing section on top, create the fine seal above the product. This flow wrapping style is commonly used for delicate products such as vegetables, flatbreads, and sticky items like epoxy sticks. Ideal for small...

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