Flow Wrapping-Efficient Primary Packaging Solutions

A flow wrapping machine, also known as a horizontal flow wrapper or flow wrap machine, is a versatile packaging system used across various industries. These efficient primary packaging solutions create sealed packages around products using flexible materials like plastic films or paper.

Key Components of the Flow Wrapping Process

• Infeed System: Handles various product sizes and shapes

• Film Unwind and Tension Control: Guides packaging material

• Forming Shoulder: Shapes film around the product

• Sealing System: Creates fin seals and crimp seals

• Cutting System: Separates individual packages

• Outfeed Conveyor: Transports wrapped products

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Advantages of Flow Wrapping machines

  • High flexibility for different product sizes
  • Efficient packaging process with high-speed production
  • Improved product shelf life
  • Cost-effective packaging solution
  • Modular design for easy maintenance and upgrades

Flow Wrapping Materials and Sealing Technology

Flow wrappers use various packaging materials, including polypropylene film and paper packaging. The heated jaws fuse the material together using heat and pressure. A  knife within the jaws cuts the packaging film to produce the packet.


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Applications of Flow Wrapping

Food Industries:

• Baked goods and bakery items

• Confectionery

• Cheese and other food products

Pharmaceutical and Medical Sector:

• Medical devices

• Pharmaceutical products

Consumer Goods Industries:

• Non-food items (soap, cards, magazines)

Advancements in Flow Wrapping Technology



 Increased speed and efficiency

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 Improved sealing technology

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 Sustainable packaging solutions

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Meeting Market Demands with a Flow Wrapper Machine

• Accommodating many product sizes

• Producing different packaging styles

• Flow wrap machines ensure high-quality, sealed wrapped packages

• Offering solutions for food and non-food items

• Providing sustainable packaging options

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Choosing the Right Flow Wrapper

Consider these factors:

• Production speed requirements

• Size of product and types

• Desired packaging formats

• Sealing technology needs

• Flexibility for future product lines

• Maintenance and support from manufacturers

• Packaging materials and sealing time

A Game-Changer for End-of-Line Packaging

Flow wrapping machines remain at the forefront of packaging technology, offering versatile and efficient solutions for primary packaging across various industries. As the packaging industry advances, flow wrap machines continue to evolve, meeting the demands of fast-paced markets, addressing sustainability concerns, and satisfying customer needs.

From small-scale operations to large food companies, flow wrapping machinery provides the flexibility, speed, and reliability needed in modern packaging processes. As manufacturers optimize production, reduce costs, and meet consumer demands, flow wrapping machines stand out as an essential technology in the packaging world.

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