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Hand Made CakesCase Study 1: The Handmade Cake Company

Requirement: High Speed Packaging to meet demands

The Handmade Cake Company is an award winning independent baker of traditional handmade cakes.

The bakery was already running an existing Scorpion flow wrapping machine for packing a wide variety of cakes but required a second machine from Record Packaging to pack individual cake slices.



Brian Teece from Record Packaging visited the bakery a few months after they had been up and running with their new Scorpion E High Speed machine and was told the following by Michael Wheeler the Bakery Director:

“Due to the success of the first machines, we had no hesitation in going back to Record Packaging for the second machine which we needed due to increased volumes. The machine was specified and delivered quickly and has been running well with no issues.”

TWSCase Study 2: Helping Vegetable Growers Grow

Requirement: Faster packaging systems

When Rob Wilson of T Wilson and Sons (Farmers) Ltd and Record Packaging first met in April 2002, neither could have imagined the impact it would make on their respective businesses.

T Wilson was an established and ambitious vegetable producer in north west England gaining significant orders for a wide range of fresh produce and in need of faster packaging systems, primarily for lettuce and a variety of vegetables in trays.



Record Packaging was initially able to offer automatic L-sealers from the Minipack Torre range with a Media machine fitting the bill.

Less than two years later, production was increased with the purchase of a Modular 50 (link) auto L-sealer and shrink tunnel. These two additions allowed much greater speeds than the previous reliance on manual methods, with speeds of 30 packs per minute now achievable.


A growth strategy was then required to provide vegetables for the growing Aldi supermarkets and production speeds would have to be increased.  Record recommended the Scorpion Flowrapper, an entry level machine capable of flow-wrapping trimmed leeks and vegetable trays at up to 100 packs per minute.

“Our packing now takes place 24/7 and our packaging machinery forms a vital part of that operation. Unlike a single source supplier, Record has continued to help us review our requirements and provide the most appropriate machines at every step of our considerable growth". Rob Wilson

Wilsons were the first in the UK to benefit from the new Gazzella inverted flow-wrapper with its belt-feed operation and variable bag facility for loose produce when it  became available on the market.

With requirements growing exponentially, lines for carrots, sprouts and onions were automated.

Record Packaging were able to provide specifically designed vertical form and fill machines  with multi-head weighers, one in 2003, a second in 2004 and a third line in 2006. These volume lines are now bagging up to 24 hours a day.

Rob Wilson is quick to acknowledge the importance of the packing process to the company.

"We pride ourselves on getting high quality, fresh produce to the stores, in most cases, same day, something which is only really possible when you pack in-house. It was this that drove our decision to create a purpose built pack house here, which was completed just over a year ago. With lead times being as little as 4 hours from order to depot, I need packaging machines that are 100% reliable and easy for my colleagues to operate. Record Packaging's after sales service and support is second to none".

The success of its operation on traffic light peppers, lettuce gems, leeks and cauliflower, packing many thousand packs a week, has indeed led to a second machine being installed. This additional Gazzella has the facility to offer a bead seal allowing broccoli, cabbages and cauliflowers to be shrink wrapped.

All of the machines feature coders and end of line weigh labellers, ensuring no delay getting vegetables to the supermarket shelves.


Record Packaging sees its involvement with the company as a very satisfying one, “we always aim to provide the best possible advice with packaging solutions and, in this case, we have had the benefit of being able to offer appropriate equipment to meet the needs of the customer. It is hard to believe the sheer volume that the company is now able to handle in an average week compared to the early days, and nice to know that at least to some degree this has been possible through the capacity and reliability of the machines we have installed”.

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