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Packaging Systems

Packaging System for waffles in pile

Packaging System


  • Aligning Conveyors belts
  • No. 2 Flowpockets
  • Flow pack Machines Jaguar Classic Long Seal

Automatic Lines for Bread Buns

Packaging System


  • Aligning Conveyors and Diverters
  • No. 3 Slicing Units
  • No. 3 Flow pack Machines with Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • No. 3 Clipping Units


Automatic Lines for Slicing and Packing Bread Buns:

Record has developed a total integrated packing line to efficiently handle buns, burger buns, hot-dog buns and the like from the oven to final packaging.

The system allows to automatically hinge or through slice buns and deliver them to the flow pack machines through special loading system.

Packaging Lines pasta dough rolls

Packaging Systems


  • Packaging Lines for Dough Rolls for Pasta / Pizza
  • Integrated Systems
  • Modified Atmosphere


Packaging System for pasta/pizza dough rolls: Automatic feeders Flowfeed High Tech, Flow pack machines Jaguar-Classic MD Long Seal (MAP), Hoppers and Conveyor Belt.

Packaging System pasta dough rolls

Packaging Systems


Packaging System Pasta/pizza dough rolls with cardboard
Single Pack
Modified Atmosphere


Pick and Place Robot, Cardboard Feeder, Valves Applicator and Flow pack machine Jaguar-Classic MD Long Seal (MAP)

Single Coffee Capsules

Packaging Systems


  • Coffee capsules packaging
  • Single Pack
  • Modified Atmosphere


The system consists of Conveyor Belts, Flowfeed Hign Techand Panda Classic MD Super Seal High Speed

Coffee capsule Packaging

Packagfing Systems


700 coffee capsules per minute in multipack
Single and Multipack
Modified Atmosphere


The system consists of two Flowpockets, a Flowcard and a Jaguar Classic MD Long seal.


1. The Flowpockets receive products from two machines producing coffee capsules in a consistent flow, products are then taken from the linking conveyor belts and loaded into two Flowpockets.
Each Flowpocket is capable of handling up to 350 capsules per minute


2. The Flowcard phases the card base - after inserting underneath the 10 capsules loaded by the Flowpockets - into the infeed conveyor.
The card taken directly from a reel is cut to a pre-established length.


3. The Jaguar Classic MD Long Seal flowpack machine receives the products in 2 longitudinal lines by 5 capsules on a card base and packages them in a barrier film at speeds of up to 70 packages per minute.

Packaging System for Biscuits

Packaging Systems


  • Packaging System for Biscuits in Pile
  • 750 Packs per Minute (ppm)
  • High Speed - Maximum Flexibility


Integrated high speed packaging system for biscuits on pile complete with vibrating channels, Flowbiscuits feeders for pile forming and fully servo driven horizontal wrapping machine. The packaging line is designed to receive products directly from the production, accumulate, collate them in piles, load and pack them.


The packaging system consists of conveyor belts, vibrating channels, No. 2 packaging machines for the formation of piles of biscuits and no. 2 automatic feedersHS


The conveyor system receives the biscuits from the production line and places them vertically.

Products are then accumulated and transferred to the vibrating channels in continuous flow and feed at constant pressure into the automatic feeders Flowbiscuits.

A two-stage pusher system performs the extraction and counting of the biscuits from the accumulation and transfer them stacked in the infeed chain of the wrapping machine.

Number of biscuits per pile and size are easy to change ensuring high flexibility to the line.


A double infeed chain allows to group the individual piles in the desired number.

The packaging machines Panda Classic MD HS then flowpacks the piles of biscuits in the desired collation.


The plant is ergonomically designed to allow maximum access to operators to control the flow of products and easy cleaning and maintenance.

Packaging System for Cookies

Packaging Systems


  • Packaging System for Cookies in pile
  • Automatic Stacking System
  • High Speed - Maximum Continuity


The line to pack irregular and fragile biscuits (cookies) that are taken at the exit of the oven, sorted at high speed on a belt system and on an automatic stacking system without accumulation.

The system allows the packing of one to 4 products of various dimensions, piles them in 2 layers, with a delicate manipulation that avoids the breaking of biscuits which would have occurred with a traditional system with accumulating feeders.

Frozen Pancakes Lines

Packaging Solutions


BIG Engineering Work
Integrated System of Packaging


The project consists of joint integration and technical development.

Our Research and Development department has worked out a complete solution for a perfectly integrated packaging system, starting from the production line to the cartoning into boxes.



Products arriving from the cooling conveyors are conveyed through Conveyors to the Linear Weigher.

The Case Erector erects the carton boxes which are then conveyed to the Linear Weigher.

Once the set product weight is reached, the linear weigher discharges via a hopper products into boxes placed underneath.

The filled box is then conveyed to the Closing Machine for closing the box by tape, and further conveyed to the Metal Detector to detect the compliancy.



Products arriving from the cooling conveyors are conveyed through Conveyors to the manual feeding area nearby the Flowpack Machine for manual loading into the infeed conveyor.

If products are to be packaged in trays, a Trays Denester will automatically deposit the trays into the infeed while the operators will manually load products into trays.

The flowpacked products go through a Check Weigher and further conveyed through Conveyors to the carton boxes manual filling area.

The filled box is then conveyed to the Closing Machine for closing the box by tape.

Packaging System for Painting Roller

Packaging Systems


Packaging System for Painting Rollers
Primary Packaging and Multipack
Maximum Flexibility for a Great Quantity of Formats


Automatic Packaging System for Painting Rollers doveloped for Primary Packaging and Multipack.

A perfect exemple of Non Food Industry: a perfect integration of packaging machines and automatic feeders.

Maximum Flexibility for a Great Quantity of Formats.


The products coming in a single row from two production lines are grouped according to the desired number (from 1 to 3) through a "grouping forks" system controlled by brushless motor.

The group of products is transferred into the infeed conveyor of the flowpack machine Panda Classic MD that will provide the primary packaging.

Given the variety of products to be packaged (Ø min. 25 – max. 50 mm) the customer has decided to optimize the number of bands of film for the packaging.

To avoid superfluous film in the package, a scrap vacuum system was installed on the flowpack machine.

Through a 90° overhead deviator controlled by brushless motor, the products in the primary package are grouped from 3 to 12 pieces for subsequent packaging in multipacks through the packaging machine Scorpion Classic MD.

The packaging machine Panda Classic MD can be used only as a by pass for transport of no packed products to the next flowpack machine Scorpion Classic MD that will pack large quantities in the same package.

Both the flowpack machines can realize packages with Euro slot for exposure of the packs on display.

Packaging System for Crisp Bread

Packaging Systems


Packaging System for Crisp Bread
Automatic feeder Flowpocket
Flow pack Panda Classic MD (primary pack)
Pick and Place Robot
Flowpack Scorpion Classic MD (multipack)


Automatic packaging line Single Product and Multi Pack.


Integrated end of line packaging system, composed by Flowpocket loading unit, which receives, accumulates the products and transfers them in the required configuration on the Panda Classic MD flowpack machine conveyor belt.
After that the Adept Cobra robot selects, arranges and puts the grouped packs on the infeed conveyor of the Scorpion Classic MD flowpack to produce the multipack.


Record’s know-how, combined with reliable and professional partners, answer to the most challenging packaging projects, giving the best tailor made solutions for all the different needs.

Record, flowpack leading company, chose Adept which is offering the most performing robots in the market.

The integration of Adept’s robots in Record’s automatic packaging systems gives to the end user an efficient and flexible system, with a user friendly interface for a reliable end of line solution.

Packaging System for Crackers

Packaging Systems


  • System for Crackers on edge
  • Single and Multipack


Packaging Line for Crackers in Single and Multipack: Automatic feeder Flowbiscuits for biscuits on edge, Flowangle 90° conveyor belt and Jaguar Classic MD BIC.

The automatic feeder Flowbiscuits dosing system receiving the products from vibrating channels, separating the pre-established quantity of crackers by volume and depositing them into a barrette infeed conveyor, via pivoting discharge system.

The packaging line then folds the end seals of the packs and collate them in multipacks.

Packaging System for Round Waffles

Packaging Systems


  • Packaging System for Round Waffles
  • Aligning Belts for feeding products
  • Flow pack Panda Classic MD


Waffles, an innovative packaging system for integration: aligning, separation and packaging products.

Conveyors running at different speeds to progressively space the products and align them on single row by means of side belts independently driven.

Conveyor belt – receiving products from the aligner conveyors on a single lane and conveying them onto the first Flowfeed system.

Packaging System for Chocolate Bars

Packaging Systems


Packaging System for Chocolate Bars
Selecta Two Station
Flow pack Jaguar Classic MD


The integrated high speed line is an innovative packaging equipment for sorting rows of products and feeding.

Them automatically, combining 3 sections: Selecta stations, Flowfeed and packaging machine. The total system managed by advanced electronics checking and automatically adjusting the packaging speed, in accordance with the product flow from the process line.

More ‘Selecta Lines” can be integrated to form a system capable of satisfying the higherest production requirements.


The same operating concept is applicable to two or more lines integrated with each other, dividing the production equally between them.

If one of the machines stop, the production will be conveyed onto the remaining machine(s) which will progressively absorb the total production.

The initial excess products will be transferred onto an over-flow belt.

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