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New Scorpion Flow Wrapper Machine

The “SCORPION” flow wrapping machine model is easy and intuitive to use, and is ideal for packaging solid food and non-food products up to a speed of 200 packages per minute.

Record’s painstaking selection of quality in the mechanical and electronic materials used for building the machine ensure steady production over time and an excellent end package result.

The “SCORPION” machine model is designed to make size changeovers easier and quicker, and its touch screen panel guides the operator step by step in all preparation, adjustment and setting operations, with the chance to store all the data for up to 50 different products.

Available in the CLASSIC model, ideal for packaging with longitudinal sealing on the bottom part of the package, which is deemed suitable for easy to transport products.

Films that can be used: bi-oriented, coated and/or co-extruded polypropylene, various laminated films, shrink wrap films, and hot or cold seal films with thicknesses from 20 to 60 micron.

Hot or cold micro perforated films, either neutral or with continuous or centered printing.

Feeders Available:

  • Selecta
  • Flowfeed
  • Flowangle
  • Flowcard
  • Flowpocket
  • Flowbuscuits
  • Soft Touch Feeder
  • Vertical Gravity Magazine Feeder
  • Gravity Magazine Feeder with Cross Purposes
  • Conveyors With Vibrators
  • Alignment & Bend Conveyors
  • Metaldetector
  • Automatic Trays De-Nester
  • Labelling Unit

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